So when you are trying to kill an orc but always miss and get yourself killed instead, this is the guide for you!

Note: This guide is for basic ranged attacks only

Machine Gun Bullets

Example: APC

Easy to escape from a range, but a threat when close!

Plasma Gun Bullets

Example: Soldier V

Similar to the thin ones, just more accurate!

Splash Bullets

Example: Small Alien

Slow firing rate with low accuracy. Too easy to escape!

Special: Has a mini-splash upon hitting the ground

Sniper Bullets

Example: Viking Sniper

Extremely high damage, almost impossible to escape from, but high deley!


Example: Bazooka V

High damage with extremely low accuracy when you're running!


Example: F-117

Low accuracy, but fast!


Example: Antiaircraft Battery

Low accuracy, but destroys an area!


Example: Tank IV

Two choices, charge or die!